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Developing the Total Boy for Christ


Adventure & Expedition Rangers Camp
30 November - 2 December 2006
By Eddy Law

The Adventure & Expedition Rangers had a joint camp at Hulu Tamu Camp, Selangor on 30 November 2 December 2006. We set off early from Calvary Church after a devotion and prayer by Senior Commander Jim Guneratnam. As the campsite was inaccessible by vans much due to 2 river crossings, the Rangers had to wade through the rivers with their camping gear. After a short hike, we arrived at the campsite & began pitching our tents.

The Expedition Rangers were focusing on survival techniques while the Adventure Rangers honed their skills in firecraft, toolcraft & campcraft.

Later, we had a splashing time in the river to cool ourselves down with some rangers even trying to float in the current with rubber tubes. The evening rally started with a session of
praise & worship followed by Councilman Lim Sew Hok sharing our camp theme; Malachi 3:3 'God, our Refiner'.
After breakfast in day 2, we set off to the Sg. Tamu waterfalls that was approximately a 50 minute hike away. The destination had sandy patches with crystal clear waters and most of us eagerly jumped into the river for a dip. Then, each ranger cooked their lunch over portable camp stoves while enjoying the surrounding nature.   
 A Council of Fire was planned for the evening with Senior Commander Jim Guneratnam sharing in the nite rally. Each group had a skit and a song or yell to present around the campfire that saw good bonding amongst all campers. A hearty BBQ meal was next while we enjoyed the warmth of the campfire before calling it a day.
After breaking camp the next morning, we set off to check out the local hot springs. By noon, we tucked in lunch at a nearby township before heading for home. Indeed, we had a great time enjoying the nature that God has given us and getting 'refined' by the word of God throughout the camp. Praise God for the Royal Rangers ministry!