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Royal Rangers Mission Trip to Bintulu, Sarawak
Report by Jonathan Lim

On Saturday, 13 March 2004, a team of six Royal Rangers departed for Calvary Church Bintulu, Sarawak for a mission trip. This mission trip was a follow-up to our trip last year when we trained their leaders to start the programme in the outreach. This time we ministered at the outreach, promoted the Royal Rangers and assisted them in their first Royal Rangers camp.

Led by Senior Commander Jim Guneratnam, the team consisted of Outpost Commander Eddy Law, and Expedition Rangers Lam Kah Meng, Jonathan Lim, Samuel Yee and Samuel Soong. On our arrival,  we ministered during the youth service, presenting a skit, testimony and devotion to the youth from the parable of the treasure in the field, encouraging each one of them that they were precious in Godís sight.

The youth there were very enthusiastic about our visit as well as the upcoming camp. Dinner that night was together with Pastor Francis Sim, the lay-pastor there, and we are truly grateful for the hospitality  that he extended to us throughout our stay. The next morning, we arose early to minister at the Sunday services. Commander Jim shared the Word to the Iban and English congregations, who were very receptive, and the team took turns to give testimonies on how God touched them through Royal Rangers.

That afternoon, we left for the camp in Similajau National Park that is located by the beach. The campsite was beautiful and it did not take us long to set up camp and settle down. The Missionettes of Calvary Church Bintulu joined us at the campsite staying in one


of the large chalets, together with the sponsors and a few church leaders.

A total of 35 attended the camp with 16 Royal Rangers and nine Missionettes. The Missionettes had their own programme exception for meals, the council-of-fire and a hiking trip.

The opening rally was started off with prayer and then a time of worship. We felt Godís presence through the songs that they sang, and it was something new to us as they were mostly in Bahasa Malaysia.
To me, this really reaffirmed the fact that God is a God for all, not just a certain race or a certain language-group, but One who is worthy of all praise in all languages. It really touched me to see them in heartfelt worship.

The next day, we taught them various skills such as tool craft, fire craft and rope craft. For lunch, we taught them how to make a simple meal using aluminium foil and it was interesting to see how well they acquired these new skills. In the afternoon, we enjoyed a time of fun and games, interacting with them and pitting our skills against each other.



During the council-of-fire that night, we lit a big fire, praised and worshipped God, listened to various testimonies from them and responded to a devotion shared by Commander Jim. Then we saw the skits and song presentations and we were truly blessed to see how they integrated their faith in the skits they performed. The council-of-fire that night ended with some campfire songs and games. The next morning, we went for a hike in the Sarawak jungle and saw a rich ecosystem, comprising different species of flora and fauna as we walked from seaside to swamp to jungle. Upon returning from the hike, we packed up and had our last meal together with the locals there. Then we broke camp and travelled back to the church and got ready to embark on our flight home to Kuala Lumpur.
This mission trip has been a great blessing to each one of us differently. I hope that we have been a blessing to them as much as they have been a blessing to us. We have seen their lifestyles, most of which are not
what we would be willing to go through and yet they burn with a desire to serve and love God. As we returned home, we were glad to have seen and learnt new things. We are now filled with a desire to serve God even more.

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