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Developing the Total Boy for Christ


Advancement Day Camp
15 17 March 2006  
Thirty five Royal Rangers came out during the recent school holidays to attend the Advancement Day Camp held at Bethel Bungalow, Damansara Heights. For three days the Rangers worked on merit badges that would allow them to achieve their advancements.
On the first day, they there taught the Rope Craft and Lashing Merits, and as part of the requirements built a tool rack using the skill they had learnt that day. On day two, it was the Cooking Merit. The Rangers learnt various cooking methods, like boiling, baking and grilling, and cooked their own lunch and dinner.


On the third and final day, the Rangers completed the Compass Merit. They learnt to use a compass, map as well as how to find direction using the stars, sun and even a watch. Continuing with the cooking, the Rangers cooked another two meals to complete the Cooking Merit. This camp allow the Rangers to put into immediate practice the skills and techniques they had learnt.  





See report in Calvary News, May/June 2006.