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Trail Rangers Bukit Kutu Expedition
28 - 29 November 2003

Report by Justin Tiew

The year-end campout planned exclusively for the Trail Rangers outpost saw its light in the form of the Bukit Kutu Expedition. The hike cum overnight adventure lasted from the 28th to 29th November 2003 with the participation of 3 leaders and 6 Trail Rangers.

We gathered at 7am, all excited and ready to go. Upon the completion of a final inspection on our hiking equipment and camping gear, we had a time of prayer. Driving for about an hour, we stopped at the Kuala Kubu Baru Police Station to report our expedition plans as a safety precaution, before traveling to the village where our “Orang Asli” guides reside.

Once the guides got ready their supplies and equipment, we hit the trail. The initial trail was wide and it was a relatively easy hike. The trail began to narrow as we moved deeper into the forest.

For the first 2 hours, the route brought us up and down hill a few times. We had to cross several streams before finally arriving at a big fork path. One of the guides suggested that we take the ‘shortcut’ as it would save us some time. We agreed and he led us up all the way. The route which we took was rather interesting, despite the fact that it was really challenging for the lot of us. We had to hike up waterfalls and be careful of slippery rock covered with moss and algae. The presence of invading leeches and thorny plants had us wanting to reach the top even more. The obstacles had only stood to boost our spirit and determination to overcome them.

At last, after 4 more grueling hours of maximum strain on our physical stamina, we arrived at the peak at 1,200 meters. The terrain was no doubt challenging and the slight drizzle threaten to make the conditions worse. Nonetheless, we thank God for sustaining us all the way up Bukit Kutu and keeping the heavy downpour away which would have inevitably hinder the expedition.






In the early 1900's the British administration built a hill station overlooking Kuala Kubu and it was destroyed during the World War II. Since then, the station at Bukit Kutu (1,200m) was left to the effects of nature and still maintains its tranquility. The only way to get there is by foot, tents are your only shelter and food has to be brought up in your backpacks. From the rock peak there is a commanding view of the valley and the other hill resorts of Fraser's and Genting.

The trek is a good stiff walk taking from 4 to 6 hours depending on the speed of the trek and the coming down may appear steep at certain parts. The old fireplace is still standing and the amazing thing is that one of the wells at the top still has clear drinking water after so many years.

  It was about 5pm when we started clearing up the campsite, which was saturated with overgrown weeds and grass. The 6 Trail Rangers were divided into 2 patrols with a tent for each patrol. As the Trail Rangers pitched their tents, the commanders set-up their makeshift shelter with the flysheets and groundsheets they brought along.

After a simple dinner of instant noodles and can food cooked over a camping stove, we went for a wash-up. There were 2 wells, of which one was empty. For some of us, it was the first time we had to endure a bath with chilly, well water amidst the surrounding blowing wind. The essential cleansing made us feel clean once again as we got ready to hit the pillows.

We arose the next day, feeling fresh and all geared up for another hike down the hill thanks to the good sleep we had throughout the night. Breakfast was light and brief, as we wanted to begin our journey down early. We packed our bags and tents, cleared the campsite of garbage, prayed and subsequently set our soles back on the route all the way downhill.

It was a rather difficult descent as the ground was muddy due to recurring rain throughout the night. Some slipped and fell while others got injured by the thorny plants along the downward journey. The entire  hike down took us 3 hours, which was quite fast compared to the time we took during ascent.

At the end of the trail and adventure, we extended our gratitude to the guides. We were all feeling elated as we had accomplish another achievement in our lives. The challenging yet rewarding experience of the Bukit Kutu Expedition will always remain with us.