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Gunung Tahan Expedition
31 May - 2 June 2001

Report by Justin Tiew

“Whether you succeed or not, it all depends on you. If you believe you can, you will make it.” Those were the words that echoed in my mind throughout the adventure. We were going to face the ultimate challenge, conquering the highest peak in Peninsular Malaysia.

30 May 2001
5.00am - The 15 team members assembled in church. After a final check, we left for Sungai Relau, Pahang.

12.00pm - On reaching Sungai Relau, we registered ourselves and had our backpacks checked and itemised. This was to ensure we left nothing on the trails.

2.30pm - After lunch, we started our journey by 4 wheel drive to Kuala Juram. The ride took an hour.

3.30pm - From Kuala Juram we began our hike to Kem Kor, a distance of 13.5 km. Along the trail we passed two campsite, Kuala Luis and Lata Luis, and crossed 12 rivers and streams.

7.30pm - When we arrived at Kem Kor it was already dark and beginning to rain. We quickly setup our tents for the night and cooked our dinner. Everyone was soaking wet and cold. After washing up and a change of clothes, we got some sleep. Eventually, the rain stopped.

31 May 2001
9.00am - After breakfast, we packed up our equipment and got ready to scale new heights. Today’s hike was going to take 10 hours. This was going to be a long day.

10.00am - At Permatang, we collected water. The water here was really clean and this was the last stop where we could get clean water. It was all uphill from Permatang to Kubang. The 3.5 km hike took us 3 hours. It was pure endurance.


1.00pm - Lunch was instant rice or noodles with Brahim’s curry and ikan bilis (our staples for the duration of the trip).

2.00pm - We got our shoes back on the trail as soon as we finished lunch. The trail from Kubang to Belumut and Bonsai was tiring, as we had to struggle through the muddy terrain. You can’t imagine how we suffered climbing up and down, sometimes stepping into pools of mud up to your knees and getting cut by thorny plants.

After a short rest at Bonsai, we left for Bukit Botak. This time the terrain was mostly rocky with short bonsai trees on each side of the trail. That took us another 2 hours.

7.00pm - We decided to set camp here instead of the peak because it was getting dark. We spend the evening cooking our dinners and went to bed early in preparation for tomorrow’s quest to reach the summit.

1 June 2001
6.00am - We woke up ready to face the final assent. The night was good, without any rain, but the guides had their radio on all night. It was another 2.4 km to the peak and we managed to get there in 45 minutes without our packs.

7.00am - The signboard read “GUNUNG TAHAN, 2187M”. We were on top of the world!” Well, not exactly, but we were too overjoyed to care about anything else. It was a clear morning and we could see the beautiful scenery of mountains, sea of clouds and the break of dawn. It was really breathtaking. The pride of reaching the highest peak in Peninsular Malaysia will always be in my heart.

After taking some photos, it was time to hike down to Bukit Botak to have breakfast and break camp.

9.00am - We left for Kem Kor through Bonsai, Belumut, and Kubang where we stopped for our lunch. At Permatang, we collected water, and finally back to Kem Kor where we set-up camp once again.

6.00pm - By now most of us were feeling sick - vomiting, diarrhoea, fever, etc. After dinner we went to bed early.

2 June 2001
7.00am - God was gracious and we all were feeling better. Everyone was already thinking of home.

12.00pm - We took 3 hours to hike back to Kuala Juram through Lata Luis and Kuala Luis. “Praise the Lord”, exclaimed Pastor Richard when the hike was over at about noon.


We had hiked a total of 62 kilometers over various terrains. Before the start of every day and at the end day we said a prayer. Thank God for His strength and protection on the team.