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Developing the Total Boy for Christ


A Fun Filled Adventure Camp
by Adrian Chew


This year’s Royal Rangers Annual Camp was held at Taman Negara Sungai Relau, Malaysia’s Premier National Park from 25 to 28 August 2004. The camp was open to Royal Rangers (ages 9 to 17 years), Missionettes (ages 14 to 18 years) and their friends. The fifty two Rangers and Missionettes together with eighteen leaders that were present for this camp, pitched their tents beside the river not long after arriving at the campsite in the national park.

The Rangers enjoying the ride 'tubing' down the river back to the campsite.


The highlights for the camp were the hike to Gua Gajah, tubing, and an overnight backpacking trip to Kuala Luis for Adventure Rangers. The hike to Gua Gajah took around two hours. The cave which is used as a shelter by elephants was filled with bats flying around and a lot of guano. What an exciting experience! The following day we had a twenty minute hike upstream, then got onto rubber tubes and floated down the river!

Twelve Adventure Rangers and four Commanders went for a

challenging overnight backpacking trip to Kuala Luis, a ten
  kilometers hike into the rainforest. They returned to the campsite the next day, tired, but with beaming smiles on their faces and the sense of accomplishment!


Taman Negara Sungai Relau, Pahang

Sungai Relau is located on the western side of Taman Negara in Peninsular Malaysia. The park was opened to the public in August 1993. The park office is 7 km from the small town of Merapoh. It is about 30 km to Gua Musang, Kelantan to the north and 100 km to Kuala Lipis to the south. Taman Negara Sungai Relau is the second access point for mountain climbing to

The entrance of Gua Gajah (above) after a two hour hike into the rainforest (below).  
Gunung Tahan. There are many forest trails in this part of Taman Negara. Among the popular trails are the Interpretive Trail, Negeram Trail, Palas Trail and Gua
Gajah Trail. The 0.5km Interpretive Trail provides introduction to the rainforest and the ecosystem. The Negeram Trail follows the Sungai Relau river and the Palas Trail passes hilly terrain, peat swamp and lowland forest. Gua Gajah is a limestone outcrop that provides shelter for elephants during the monsoon. Inside Gua Gajah, there is a bats chamber where guano and bats are found. Taman Negara Sungai Relau is a fish sanctuary and a haven for wildlife observation. The vast number of wildlife that has been sighted includes civet cat, mouse deer, barking deer, wild boar, binturong, gibbon, leopard cat, owl, panther and elephant. Bird watchers have a busy time watching more than 200 species of birds.

Senior Pastor shared the devotion on the first night.


Worshipping God together.    Chaplain (Associate Pastor) Steven Kum sharing the morning devotion.

The night rallies were packed with powerful worship sessions, skits and songs from the various patrols. On the first night, we were privileged to have Senior Pastor Prince Guneratnam challenge us to be good examples as growing boys, based on Luke 2:52, as Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and men. The following morning, Associate Pastor Steven Kum, our Chaplain, reminded us of the power of the blood of Jesus that is able to cleanse us of our sins, just like how we need anti-venom to cure a snake bite. For the next few days, Commanders Chin Yoke Yee, Jason Tan, David Peter, and Samuel Sham shared devotions that were based on the camp theme - Compassion In Friendship.
The smiles on the Rangers faces enjoying the delicious food and BBQ.
As a Royal Rangers tradition on the last night of camp, we had a barbeque. Rangers, Missionettes, and leaders ate their hearts out whilst having fun, and fellowship among each other. To round it all up, everyone went home excited and happy, and definitely looking forward for next year’s annual camp!

The camp photo with all 83 participants and the campsite in the background - 50 Discovery and Adventure Rangers, 2 Missionettes, 16 Commanders, 2 Sponsors, 11 family members, Chaplain (Associate Pastor) Steven Kum and Senior Pastor Prince Guneratnam