What National and International Christian Leaders are saying about the Calvary Convention Centre
YB Dato' Wira Chor Chee Heung,
Minister of Housing and Local Government

“I recognise that churches in Malaysia have been playing a vital role in nation building through various outreach programmes. I am indeed impressed and happy to see that many lives have been touched through your ardent efforts. I am also glad to note that Calvary Church, through the construction of the Calvary Convention Centre aims to become a beacon of light to your neighbourhood besides being a centre for Christian worship and learning. Let me commend your efforts and I believe this will be a landmark to the religious diversity and acceptance in Malaysia. I earnestly look forward to the completion of your convention centre.”
Datuk Dr Maximus Johnity Ongkili,
Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department

“The plan to build the Calvary Convention Centre is indeed commendable, for it will stand as a landmark reflecting the religious diversity and tolerance of Malaysians. In addition, this centre will also provide Malaysian Christians with a much needed venue for national conferences and seminars.”
Tan Sri Datuk Dr Ng Lay Swee,
President, UTAR

“I am awed by the magnificence and the magnitude of the CCC project and I am fully convinced that God birthed this vision and that His hand will see to its completion. CCC will be able to serve as a place for His people to gather to worship, to reach out to the needy and bless them with God’ssalvation.”
Rev. Dr Vincent Leoh,
General Superintendent, Assemblies of God of Malaysia

“When Calvary Convention Centre is built, I believe it will be a sign to the nations – a sign to inspire, influence and impact. It will stand as a testimony and witness that ‘God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply.’ Many shall enjoy the multi-faceted facilities and the faithful shall rejoice. This project is worthy of our support.”
Rev. Dr Eu Hong Seng,
Chairman, National Evangelical Christian Fellowship Malaysia

“The Calvary Convention Centre is a laudable project and it’s always a joy to see God’s people enthusiastic about His work. If we build God’s House, He will build our house.”
Dr James Marocco,
Board Member, Church Growth International

“The building of the Calvary Convention Centre is a wonderful opportunity that God has provided so that He can bless those who give into the project. When it is completed, the Calvary Convention Centre will be used by God to bless all of Malaysia and the world.”
Rev. Dr Robert Lim,
Founding Chairman of Jireh Evangel Church Planting Philippines Inc. (JECPP)

“I had been to many church building sites including ours. That day, I stood at the Calvary Convention Centre site and saw the initial part of the construction while the piling was done. As I stood on one of the piles, I felt a strong surge of God’s presence and I knew immediately that this was God’s place for His people.”
Rev. Dr James Davis,
Co-founder, Billion Soul Initiative; Co-chair, Global Networking

“The Calvary Convention Centre will be a lighthouse for this part of the world. It will be a beacon of light in this community. It will be a light that will shine in dark places so that men and women will come to Jesus Christ.”
Dr Bernard Blessing,
Pioneer and President, Rescue Life International

“The Calvary Convention Centre will be an unchallenged statement of God’s excellence, wisdom and splendor in our day. It affirms the priceless value Jesus placed on us being His dwelling place.”