Life Group Testimonies

Testimonies to encourage LGs

18 new individuals have joined Calvary Church, since they were saved in the Chinese Evangelistic Meeting in September. Not only have they been coming faithfully, but they have begun reaching out. As a result, 5 of their friends were brought to the Chinese fellowship. What is remarkable is that 3 of these visitors gave their lives to Jesus that evening!

One of these was a lady by the name of Mdm Chan. Mdm Chan was healed of skin allergy after she accepted Jesus. She then believed God to heal her knee problems. Guess what, God instantaneously healed her. She is able to walk much faster nowadays. Mdm Chan began testifying of what God has done and as a result, her friend, by the name of Mdm Choo, became interested in the gospel.

Our Chinese Ministry Coordinator Donna Yee then visited Mdm Choo and led her to Christ! Mdm Choo used to be a staunch believer of another faith but had decided to follow Jesus, had her idols removed from her home, and was water baptized last Sunday!

Last Sunday, on Dec 9, we saw 35 individuals took the step of faith to be baptized in water. Here are 2 more testimonies of the candidates:

Uncle & Aunty Chin persecuted his children for more than 2 decades for being Christians. However, their children, did not give up their faith, but were faithful to God and kept praying for their parents! 2 years ago, the much awaited breakthrough came and both Uncle & Aunty Chin accepted the Lord. Now, 3 generations of the Chin family are faithfully attending the Cheras Satellite Church!

Bro Quah collapsed onto the cold floor one Friday morning due to a stroke and could not get up. He was staying alone and knew that nobody will be able to help him as his loved ones were overseas. He thought he was going to die. Then, after 2 days, on Sunday, his son, who was supposed to be in the overseas came to his rescue and brought him to the hospital and later to a nursing home. Bro Quah who accepted Jesus in our DP Satellite Church this year, later realized that Jesus has been the one who had preserved his life. Not only that, Bro Quah had been healed and is walking today!

John 4:35 says - Do you not say, ‘Four months more and then the harvest’? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest!

Praise God for :
- 36 new ones who were received into membership last Sunday!
- VBS, where 20 received physical healing, 3 were baptized in the Holy Spirit and 55 children gave their hearts to Jesus!
- Youth Camp, where 7 were baptized in the Holy Spirit, 23 responded for full time call, 8 first-timers got saved, and many were slained under the power of God and were healed and delivered! All 207 campers were blessed!
- In the month of Nov & Dec, we had a total 61 who were baptized in water!

God has answered our prayers!!!

Let us continue to pray that many will be saved in our Christmas Musical!


Salvation of the Yeungs, by LG Leader Han Joke Kwang
Mr. & Mrs. Yeung together with their 3 daughters accepted the Lord on 5th May 2012. A few days later, Pas. David and I removed the idols from their home. They attended their first service at Calvary Church on 13th May 2012, which happened to be the Mother’s Day Celebration. The family has been faithful in coming to church worship services ever since. Mr. Yeung had an accident and suffered a stroke, which has left him partially paralysed on one side of his body and he is still undergoing regular therapy. Though he is unable to come to church sometimes due to his physical condition, he continues to encourage his wife & daughters to do so. Praise the Lord, the daughters have “settled down” in church and are enjoying their classes on Sunday.  The youngest daughter immediately got involved in the Father’s Day presentation and is now thinking of joining KidsCAT! Our LG is planning to disciple the Yeungs, by having Bible Study and prayer on a regular basis!

God Can Use Anyone, by LG member Justine Kang
I am Justine and I attend a Woman’s Life Group in Bangsar. I attended my first Family Camp in June this year.  I was strengthened by the messages and enjoyed the fellowship of LG members and new friends. One night, Rev. Dikran prayed for me and encouraged me to keep praying as God would grant the desires of my heart. I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit during Camp. A week after camp, I was in a boutique and a lady came up to me. She had overheard me saying something to the cashier about church and she told me she was looking for God. I brought her to the Dimensions Tuesday Worship Service and NX service on Sunday where she accepted Jesus. A week later, she and I brought 2 friends to church. Her 2 ½ year old began to attend nursery. Three weeks ago, I brought my godson, a Taoist to the NX service. P. Raymond spent some time talking to him. Praise God! He said ‘the sinners prayer’ at the visitors lounge. It amazes me that God can use me to bring others to know Him when I am willing & obedient. I am so blessed!

The Greater Miracle, by LG member Raymond Chong
My name is Raymond Chong and I would like to testify about the salvation of my beloved late brother, Mr. Steven and his family. My brother, a staunch Buddhist, was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in March and went through surgery. A good friend shared the gospel with him and led him to Christ 2 days after his surgery.  Even though he suffered physically, I could see a tremendous transformation in my brother. He had the peace of God and would fervently testify to others about his faith. God took him home to be with Himself shortly after that. Sometimes we wonder why God did not perform a miraculous healing. But we are deeply assured of God’s promise that He had already done a bigger miracle, that is, the miracle of salvation. And that miracle continues to live on in the lives of his family. His wife, Chat Yin and their three children have also received salvation and are attending church, My Faith class & CW respectively. About a month ago, they attended LG for the first time. On my side, my LG members and even other LGs have been a tremendous blessing and support to me and my family during this crisis through their fervent prayers, continual encouragement and help in many areas. When the idols were removed from my brother’s house by the pastors, LG leader, Elaine was on hand to give support. P. Raymond and P. David visited and prayed for my brother, his family and my parents on several occasions. I am blessed to be part of a LG.

LG Care & Concern during Crisis, by LG Leader Molly Yong 
My name is Molly. My husband went home to be with the Lord early last year.  I was still going through a period of grieving when I received the news that my 5 year old grand-son had a relapse of leukemia. In shock, I asked God why one thing after another was happening to me and my family. But as I surrendered myself and the trials to the Lord, He gave me inner peace and strength. I thank God for His grace that enabled my grandson to go through the painful chemotherapy treatment. God also answered our prayer for a suitable bone marrow donor and we are thankful that the transplant was successful. We are believing God for his total recovery. I am grateful to the Lord for the prayers of Senior Pastor, Sister, Pastors, the LG members and leaders of the Chinese congregation that have sustained me and my family. All glory to God!

Healing in Family Relationships, by LG member Angeline Nelson
My name is Angeline. Last year I was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo a surgery. My LG members and many in the church prayed for me. The Lord enabled me by His grace to go through this challenging time. He didn’t answer my prayers the way I expected Him to, but through the crisis, He brought about healing and reconciliation in family relationships. There was such a unity as never before as members of the family all did their best in caring for me.  Healing is taking place beautifully. I thank God that His ways are always the best!

God Gives Insight, by LG Leader Wendy Foo
I thank God for the opportunity to lead the Tmn Desa Chinese LG.  The LG members are all elderly people and I enjoy ministering to them. We started with a group of 5 people last year and I taught them the importance of belonging to a LG.  I prayed and asked the Lord for wisdom and strength to grow, lead and care for these LG members.  Presently, we have 11 people in attendance. Praise God the Lord gave me insight who to invite to the LG meeting and enabled us to raise up a member to assist in transportation.  Through the LG meetings, the elderly folks have been much blessed as they have experience God’s healing, provision, peace and strength.

The Joy of Growing, by LG Leader Veronica See
The Women’s LG in Desa Parkcity that I am leading began as a prayer group with only 2 persons. Upon encouragement, I later opened my home for LG meetings. Initially, 6 ladies attended the LG out of which 4 were young believers.  We went through the J12 discipleship and I consistently encouraged them to be involved in ministry.  Whenever the attendance waned, God always reminded me that perseverance and faithfulness was more important than numbers. This year, the attendance has grown to 15.  It is such a joy to see the members willingly serving in various ministries in the church e.g. ushering, CW, Missionettes and Dimensions. One of the members is currently attending LG leadership training and 2 ladies have expressed their desire to be baptized in water this year. At the recent Calvary Carnival, our LG joyfully set up and sponsored a F&B stall for the first time! In line with the LG vision, it is our desire to see the LG continue to reach out to potential believers in DesaParkcity and its surrounding neighboood. We are believing the Lord for 20 members by Dec. With man it is impossible but with God all things are possible.

Men Are Discipled, by Sectional LG Leader Ding Lai Hong
The LG ministry labored hard to organize the Courageous Movie screening in July and we thank God for enriching the lives of 670 fathers and their families. As a result of the movie, 62 men signed up for discussion at the 3 church locations. This discussion seeks to disciple men in areas of their priority, legacy, faith & love. A total of 44 attended the first week of the group discussion. There was much enthusiasm and openness in the interaction among the men. We are believing the Lord to help us raise not only courageous Men but pioneer 2 Men’s LGs out from these groups!

God Heals!
The Prayer Tower received an sms to pray for LG Member Andy's mum (Anna) who had cancer in the womb. She subsequently underwent chemotherapy & radiotheraphy for several weeks. 3 weeks into her treatment, the doctor did a follow up scan and found that there was no improvement. In fact, the situation seemed to worsen as the tumor was hardening.
As Andy was starting to worry, in God’s perfect timing, an sms came from the Prayer Tower, assuring Andy that the church is praying for him and his mom. The very next day, Andy was delighted to some intercessors came to the hospital to pray for mom. One week later, the doctor did another scan and was surprised that the tumor had shrunk tremendously! God answers prayer!
Today, Anna is healed. Recently, Anna, as a result of sharing her testimony, led her sister to the Lord!

An Entire Family Saved!
Mr Yeung met with a car accident and simultaneously suffered a stroke. With a wife and 3 children to take care of, Mr Yeung’s life apparently crashed. In the midst of their darkest moments, however, the light of Christian love and compassion shone the brightest. The Yeung family found Christians coming alongside them in their greatest need.
That was 4 months ago. Since then, Mr Yeung had regained strength and had resumed some work. Last week, one of their friends, who are our Calvarites, Bro Han & his wife, Betty, shared the gospel to the Yeung Family and they accepted Jesus Christ as Lord & Saviour! A few days later Bro Han, Betty, together with P. David, visited the family, prayed with them and removed the idols from their home.
Mr Yeung testified “I was touched by the care and support of Christians during my ordeal and tasted the tangible love of God...”
The Yeungs have been attending Calvary Church for the past few weeks!

The Lost Are In The Church, In The Malls and At Parties!
Since last year, Maria, who is involved in the Women’s as well as the Filipino LG, has experienced the great joy of leading 7 women to the Lord:
(The first 2 women): During the Sunday Service, she met Calvarites who brought their Filipina domestic helpers to church. Maria encouraged the Calvarites to send their helpers to the Filipina LGs and they did. During the LG Meeting, these helpers accepted the Lord!
(The subsequent 2 women): A Calvarite befriended 2 ladies in a shopping mall and invited them to Calvary Church. Maria was given their contacts for follow up. To her delight, these two ladies came to the Dimensions Worship Service and after sharing the gospel, they accepted Christ as Lord and Saviour
(Final 3 women): Maria befriended 3 ladies at a social function. Before long, these ladies begin to share with Maria their personal challenges. Maria took the opportunity to share of Jesus’s reality and His sufficiency, to them. 3 of them accepted Christ. Today they are attending church regularly.
Whether it is in church, in a shopping mall or a social gathering, we can be used of the Lord to touch lives.
All that the Lord need is our willing hearts.

The Youths Found A Place To Belong!
The Youth (CAs) LGs had 25 in attendance last year and praise God, up to today, we have 40 people! We are glad for these 15 new ones who have found, in the LGs - friends whom they can relate with, leaders whom they can get guidance from and God’s Word that meet their spiritual need.
Here are some brief comments from some of these new ones about the Youth LGs:
- “I like the devotions taught in the Youth LG. The lessons were relevant and helpful in my life as I wanted to know more about God’s Word.”
- “I enjoy being among a group of Christian friends as we can share our lives with each other and study the Word of God together.”

Other Testimonies 
Chinese LG Leader Way Hong had had such a joy to see her mother & her brother accepting Jesus recently, after 20 some years of praying & reaching them with the gospel. The mother & brother will be joining Way Hong’s Chinese LG in Puchong!
LG member Hui Yee smsed the pastors a few weeks ago & testified “Mom accepted Jesus and wants to get water baptized in church!”
Women’s LG Leader Jacqueline Fam asked the LG to pray for her father’s health & salvation. The next thing we heard was that Jacqueline had the privilege to see her father be led into salvation right before her eyes!
2 Sundays ago (Mar 11), in the Evening Service, a young adult by the name of Too (first time to a church) & at the end of P. Peter’s message, Too gave his heart to Jesus. He then confirmed that he’ll be attending the YA LG. In addition, he’s bringing his unsaved mother to Cheras Satelite Church the following Sunday! So, on Mar 18, Sunday, Too not only brought the mother, but his sister as well. They were blessed in the service and will be attending the LGs!
Steven Chong and his wife accepted Christ last week. At the request of Steven to remove idols from his home, P. Raymond and P. David immediately visited them with a LG Leader and members. Thanksgiving prayers were offered, and in front of his parents who have yet to know the Lord, Steven testified of God’s reality and the newness of life he is experiencing. Even his parents could see the change in Steven. Steven has now opened his home for fellowship and will be discipled.
A young adult testified how God brought reconciliation to him and his wife recently. They were separated when he came to know Christ 1 ½ years ago. After his conversion, he attended LG, grew in his faith and got water baptised. He made attempts to reconcile with his wife, a non-believer, telling her that he is no longer the same person. He is new in Christ Jesus. Recently, his wife called him and expressed her readiness to reconcile! God is good! We are now believing for the wife and her family to know Jesus too.