Life Groups

We cater for the spiritual life of the congregation by providing opportunities for CARE:
Communicate God’s Word
Action through prayer and ministry
Relationships through fellowship and
Evangelism and discipleship

The Life Groups are a network of outreach points vital to the growth and wellbeing of the congregation.

We have Life Groups (LGs) for different walks of life:
- Home LGs (for families and adults)
- Men's LGs
- Women LGs
- Golden Eagles' LG (for seniors aged 55 and above)
- Language LGs (Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Filipino)
- International LGs (for expat community)
- Youth LGs (for youths aged 12 to 23)
- Young Adult LGs (for working adults aged 21 to 35)

If you are interested to join a Life Group, contact us here.

Be encouraged by powerful Testimonies from the Life Groups.