Bad debt collected 
"I told God that if I could collect my money back from my customer I would give it as my Faith Promise. This debt was difficult and I lost hope of collecting it. It was more than half a year. Somehow, God made it possible for me to collect back the debt and I've kept my promise to give it." Doreen

Faith is not depended on us, but God

"Many of my friends told me that they don’t like Faith Promise Sunday because it is time to give again. But I told them I feel excited because it is a chance for God to challenge us again. Although there were times I did not fulfill my promise, I will still continue to make a Faith Promise every time when the church challenges us. Beginning this year, when we were asked to make our promise, the Lord challenged me to make a promise I thought was not possible. I told the Lord that I don’t have such great faith but the Lord spoke to me through Senior Pastor's message. He said that our faith is not depended on us, but upon our God who is the source of our faith. So, I made the Faith Promise. Through increment, collection of rental and the petrol rebate, I managed to fulfill all my 6 month promise (Januray to June). Surely God is my sufficiency and He is able to do more than I could ask of Him. All glory to God." 
God honoured my heart's desire
“Up until April this year I was not able to fulfil my Leap in Faith and Faith Promise. But my heart desired to keep to my commitment and I persisted in asking God. God honoured my heart’s desire and I was called in to see the headmaster of the school where I teach. I was given the highest promotion for a school teacher which is normally only for senior teachers, even though I wasn’t a senior. The promotion came with a higher salary and not only that, it was back dated to 2006! With the financial windfall of 2 years backdated arrears, I was more than able to fulfil my Leap in Faith and Faith Promise. On top of that, the headmaster also recommended me to receive the excellence award in teaching from the government."

Drive to accomplish Faith Promise

“I made a Faith Promise this year that was especially different from what I have been doing since all my 10 years in Calvary Church. During one of the Friday Prayer Meetings, I asked my prayer partner to pray for God to provide and help me fulfill all that He has impressed upon me for Faith Promise and other commitments. Not long after I was able to fulfill almost everything except for my Faith Promise. Since it was already June, I thought ‘sadly’ that I would not be able to fulfill it. However, deep within me there was a drive to accomplish it. When Pastor Steven shared on Faith Promise, I once again told the Lord to provide because I didn’t want to miss such a significant ‘calling’ and I stood for prayer. Praise the Lord! Within two days I was blessed with an amount many times more for me to fulfill my Faith Promise."  
Don't compare, don't struggle - put Jesus first
“My style of money management is giving back to God first what I've committed before spending on other expenses. I will diligently prepare all the offering envelopes with money received in whatever manner. Only after I have fulfilled my promise and pledge, I will spend on myself. I don't compare with others so I am easily contented with what God gives. I don't struggle with unmet needs as I always put Jesus first, including my finance. I ask Him to make me a blessing as He is my source of blessings." Bee Tin
God answers faith
“I am doing my own business and sometimes business is up and down. So I was wondering how much to put for Faith Promise after Pastor Mohan's sharing. With faith I put in RM500 and the very next day I got a call from a customer's sister who has been owing me some money for some months now but are overseas. He passed a cheque to her and she called me. The amount was RM600. Praise God! I will be fulfilling my Faith Promise this month.” Chris

Beyond my own ability, beyond my imagination
“Since I gave up my business about 10 years ago, I have been giving to Faith Promise from my savings. However, last year the Lord prompted me to put down an amount beyond my own ability. He challenged me to have faith in Him to fulfil the Faith Promise. I was wondering, How can I give like that when I am not working? Where is the money going to come from? 
A few months ago, I went back to my father’s homeland to transfer a piece of land to my name. My relatives had been managing the properties on this land on behalf of my late father. Although I was the rightful owner, I was not sure that I should approach them to transfer the land to my name. But God was good. One of my relatives actually initiated the transfer. Thank God for His favour. Usually, the transfer takes a long time to process but in my case, it was completed within a month. Before I came back to Malaysia, my relatives gave me a substantial sum in return for the usage of the properties for these many years even though I did not ask them for it. Indeed, our God is Jehovah Jireh. I was able to fulfil my July to December 2007 Faith Promise which is really beyond my imagination!” Mekand Kaur

Being a cheerful and willing giver
“Being a cheerful and willing giver has been an area of significant blessing in my life. God has faithfully honour the desire of my heart that I be a faithful, cheerful and willing giver. God has never failed in His Word that He will open the doors of heaven and pour out His blessings. Yes, God is good all the time. He has blessed me with promotion in my work which I never expected, and this comes with elevated monetary rewards and privileges. God is faithful and is able to provide so that I am able to become a cheerful and willing giver, and be a blessing to many. He can do the same for you today. If your heart’s desire is to bless the needful, you will certainly be blessed.” Vani Samuwai

2007 Testimonies

More than enough
“I thank God that He helped me save enough for my Faith Promise. God also blessed me enough for other things, example my father’s birthday present, father’s and mother’s day gift, and many other things.” Grace Tam 9yrs

Unusual provision
“I saw a 10 ringgit bill outside of my house gate. I couldn’t find the owner. I am going to use that money to pay my Faith Promise. I thank the Lord for helping me find the money. Thank you.” Daniel Chandy 10yrs
Blessed through my parents
“I thank God for giving my parents the blessing to give me the amount for Faith Promise giving. As I continue to give to God every week, I hope God will bless me and my family.” Jonathan Wee 11yrs

Increase for giving
“God helped me give my offering and Faith Promise by increasing my pocket money by RM5. Praise the Lord!” Julien Buteau 13yrs

Be Bold and Respond to the Holy Spirit
“During the January 2007 Faith Promise Sunday, the Holy Spirit challenged me to promise a seemingly difficult figure. I had already indicated my intended amount but changed it in obedient response to Him. Nothing happened in January but I chose to give first as I trusted God to provide. Shortly thereafter, I was blessed financially at my workplace and could fulfil my entire 6 months of Faith Promise. For this July Faith Promise, God challenged me to a bigger figure and I trust He will provide for me to fulfil it. Then came the Leap in Faith. Having experienced God’s providence already, I just plunged into the LIF. Again, I paid first before receiving anything from God. After a month, God blessed me so much more in my workplace that I could fulfil all 12 months of my LIF. This was only 2 months into the LIF. What I have learned is that it is often difficult to take the first step to give first. Like others, I will tend to wait for God to provide. But I’ve learned that sometimes taking the first step to give first is the exercise of faith that is so needed. It is easy to say and pray, and maybe even to indicate the amount, and assume I have the faith. But the true test is in giving first. I have learnt to be bold and respond to the Holy Spirit. It might be painful, but don’t worry, God never fails. I really thank the leadership of Calvary Church for continually challenging and leading us to exercise our faith. The exercise of my faith through Faith Promise and Leap in Faith have helped me to also exercise my faith in believing God for the salvation of my loved ones. As shared in a separate testimony, my parents, parents-in-law and aunty all came to the Lord in June this year (this was shared over the pulpit on 13 and 15 July 2007). All glory and praise to God!!!” Ken Kuan
God Supplies
“I have been a Faith Promise partner for 9 years and God has always been faithful to provide. Many times I give first by faith, believing that God will supply my needs later. I don’t earn a lot and yet my family needs are met for each month. 
A really big challenge came two years ago when God challenged me to double my Faith Promise. At that time, I was a single income earner and theoretically the accounts would be negative if I were to give. Yet, somehow God supplied our needs throughout the year as I gave in faith. On looking back, I am amazed at how much God has enabled me to give by faith over the years, more than enough to buy a car. The fact that this has helped people come to Christ makes it a greater blessing and satisfaction. Last year, my family and I could even go an overseas holiday. How it is possible I don’t know. Only God is able! All thanks and glory to God!”

Personally Experience God
“Truly we serve a very big God. Once again, I have the privilege to experience that I can never outgive God. Logically speaking, I should start saving for rainy days. Or I should have upgraded my car. Or could have save for our first family overseas holiday, but I am still renewing the same promise for 2007 (which is close to 20% of my salary). I know my God will supply all my needs in His time and He never fails. God has indeed rewarded me excellently especially at my work place. Here’s a cheque amounting to RM10,000 which could have enabled me to fulfil the entire year’s Faith Promise, but I am contributing this to the building of the Lord’s home (CCC) and Calvaryland. I shall continue to give faithfully every month towards Faith Promise. Because of Faith Promise, I have the privilege to personally experience God Himself.”
Fearful at first, in awe at last
“I would like to thank the Lord for His blessing and providence upon my life as I follow the challenge to make a promise by faith. This was my first time participating in this manner. Fearful, and not really ready, I still made the promise. Today, I stand in awe as He has blessed me with 110% of the full 6 months amount of my Faith Promise (and it’s only February). I thank God and praise Him!”

Blessed more, give more
“I would like to praise and thank God for blessing me financially. Being a pensioner, I do not have any extra income. When I made my Faith Promise, I prayed and asked God to help me meet it. He not only met it, but blessed me more than what I promised, enabling me to give more.”