Message from Missions Pastor

Every 6 months we committed ourselves to the new Faith Promise challenge. With all that is taking place in our economy, I have been wondering to myself, "How in the world am I going to fulfill my promise?" Well, thankfully it is not "in the world" that I fulfill my promise, but "in the Lord". One of the Faith Promise testimonies reminded me that faith is not depended on us, but on God who is our Provision. It would do us well to read the testimonies so as to encourage us and keep us focused.

We must not forget how important our faith giving is. The five who were water baptised in the Serendah outreach is a fruit of your giving. The 163 that have been saved through Harvesters Assembly in Yei, Sudan, is another of your fruits.

One of the ways to keep your faith going is to feed on God's Word. God used two-year old Joshua Looi to hit home this truth. He normally hates to eat but when he got a Barney plate, he happily ate all his food because with each bite, he got a clearer picture of Barney at the bottom of the plate! Likewise, the more we feed on God's Word, the clearer we will see God. And there is nothing better to encourage and build our faith than seeing God!

Associate Pastor Steven Kum
Church Missions Pastor